Hemline Gold - BlackThimble - Medium


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Hemline Gold Collection - Explore this exclusive range of superb quality sewing products inspired by the rich history of the haberdashery industry, fused with sleek and modern finishes. Created with a conscience and focus on sustainability and waste reduction, and with no compromise on performance or quality.

This collection has been styled with rich brushed gold, matt black and modern clear acrylic finishes across all your favourite sewing essentials such as scissors, pins, tape measures, hand sewing needles and much more.

The environmentally responsible packaging has been developed specifically to be straightforward to recycle, these will not create any plastic waste, wrapped within brown kraft paper and printed with a delicate matt black design.

  • Hemline Gold - Black Thimble
  • Medium
  • 17 x 18 x 18mm
  • Premium quality nickel plated black thimble
  • Recessed top prevents needles and pins from slipping during use
  • A raised rim helps needles pierce the fabric more easily
  • Antiqued matt black finish